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Booktube-a-thon 2017 TBR

Disclaimer: I am not a YouTuber. Also, I am not going to finish seven books in seven days.

But this should be loads of fun, right? Yes!

The Booktubeathon is hosted by Ariel Bissett (who is an awesome human being) and will take place between 24th – 30th July of this year. Here are my picks for each challenge:

  1. Pick a book with a person on the cover: For this I choose The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I was planning on reading this next, anyway.
  2. Read a hyped book: Can I choose The Shadow of the Wind again? Haha, if not that, it is The Night Circus by  Erin Morgenstern.
  3. Finish a book in a day: I’m pretty sure I can get through Clara’s Daughter by Meike Ziervogel in a day because it’s a very short thriller.
  4. Read about a character that is very different from you: Birdie by Tracey Lindberg is about a Cree woman. It should be a harrowing and interesting read.
  5. Finish a book outdoors: A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. A play counts, yes?
  6. Read a book you bought because of the cover: I would be repeating a book here –The Night Circus by  Erin Morgenstern. It’s such a gorgeous cover!
  7. Read seven books: WELL. If I had to pick two more books, they’d be – Orlando by Virginia Woolf and Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough.

Let the games begin!


A 2017 TBR List

1. American Gods by Neil Gaiman (currently reading)

2. A Streetcar Named Desire by  Tennessee Williams

3. Waiting For Godot by  Samuel Beckett

4. The Clay Girl by Heather Tucker

5. The Colour Purple by Alice Walker

6. Birdie by Tracy Lindberg

7. The Clocks in This House All Tell Different Times by Xan Brooks

8. The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

9. The Tidal Zone by Sarah Moss

10. The Museum of You by Carys Bray

11. English Animals by Laura Kaye

12. Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo

13. Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler